I come with bad weather,
They say I’m a storm

Don’t be shocked

When the lightning comes,

I’ve warned you once before.
My heart is cold like a blizzard.

My tongue shoots snowballs

If it feels threatened,

So be wary of how you

Step on the ice rink;

1 2 many cracks

And frostbite has a free for all

In the place you shall fall.
I’m not saying to walk on egg shells

But my foundation isn’t

The sturdiest among men,

My heart’s been rattled

With earthquakes and fissures,

Too many breaks on my crust

Dealing with all these men.
Be careful of how you

Approach me with intimacy,

My body isn’t accustomed

To the eruptions of love;

One too many good feels

And you’ll set off

A volcano of reciprocation

Seen like no other.
I know it seems twisted,

And the winds that surround me

Cut deeper than razor blades,

But if you can survive the storm

You won’t regret

The peace that follows.


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