Daydream 💭 

I gaze upon the rays of heaven.

They glimmer on my skin

As Sun does to ocean,

Shining bright

Like that of cotton candy

In Mid-Summer heat.

Destiny or Fate?

I ask myself this 

Day in and day out

As seconds tick away

And the Sun sets on another revolution.

I am equipped with freedom of choice;

Yet, I feel like I am controlled by

Energies larger than the 

Level of my own comprehension.

Is their purpose in the feelings that

Combust from my heart?

Or am I conducted by some extraterrestrial puppeteer

Who left clicks on a computer

To direct my every action?

Life provides so many possibilities

Yet, those who are produced to experience it take for granted

Who they essentially are at their very core.

I guess I’ll never know

If I was destined to exist

With the choices that I battle daily,

Or if events fall consequently

In accordance with likelihood of

Myself winning a constant battle

Between what to and not to do.


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