I’m always the overlooked 

But in me there’s hidden value,

A treasure trove of mystery

Who’s secrets remain untouched.

You don’t have to take a chance on me,

I’ve done that to and for myself

As I am my biggest asset

Aside from the assets

That rest on my spine.

Underdog is my definition

But that never halts my vision

As Life hands L’s out to those

Whom Karma has deemed guilty

And my thoughts at times

Can become toxic.

I by far am no saint,

But my heart bleeds gold

And holds more love

Than a Mother’s womb.

I can accept my mistakes

As lessons for experience;

The more learned, the more gained.

And I am an abundance of misunderstanding

But if the time is taken

To peer into my chest,

You will not regret

The contents that ye shall find 💎


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