We are Infinite

Let’s take a late night walk;
Stroll down the list of topics that

My brain can’t seem to move past.

Let’s smoke by the beach;

And crash our souls together

As the ocean water rushes through our toes.

Let’s bathe in the moonlight;

Relinquishing our souls to the

Pushes and pulls of the tides

And become one with Mother Nature.

Let’s gaze into the stars

And allow the universe

To move us to where we were destined to be.

It’s You and Me.

And this is our time to shine

Bright like dawn in the early morning.

We shall wave back at our past shadows

And embrace the moments

That created our present circumstances.

We are one.

We are the moon and the tides.

We are the beach and the ocean.

We are the results of our past

And the choices of our present.

We are infinite 🌕


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